Settlement and management of debt obligations

Settlement and management of debt obligations is one of Syntem's key areas of work. For fifteen years of practice of support of unique cases we have developed the amount of expertise, which allows us to undertake projects of any complexity in all sectors of the economy with confidence.

For us, there are no hopeless situations and deliberately losing cases, because we have repeatedly proved in experience that a detailed study of the project, a thorough knowledge of the specifics of the client's business and industry characteristics allow you to build a complete picture of the project. Thus, we always see all possible scenarios, calculate all legal and financial risks and develop all scenarios in advance.

This allows our clients not to react to circumstances, but always to assess potential threats in advance and take preventive measures.

Key services

  • Development of the most effective debt settlement strategy
  • Negotiating to choose the most acceptable settlement option
  • Development and support of concluding factoring agreements/assignment of the right of claim/purchase and sale of debt obligations
  • Legal support of debt forgiveness agreements
  • Advising on the tax consequences of debt settlement
  • Legal support of debt refinancing agreements
  • Support of agreements regarding the transfer of debt obligations
  • Due diligence of a pool of debt obligations put up for sale
  • Legal support of debt acquisition agreements
  • Legal outsourcing in terms of support for the recovery of bad debts
  • Managing the sale of distressed assets or bad debts