Bankruptcy and restoring a debtor’s solvency

Each individual case requires a careful study of the situation and an in-depth analysis of the state of the business to be eliminated.

The Syntem team always strives to find a way not only to satisfy creditors' claims, but also to ensure the financial and economic activities of the debtor at the decent level, before financial problems arise.

Our clients highly value our team for its ability to provide practical advice and develop the most innovative and profitable business solutions for both creditors and borrowers.

Syntem services:

Key services

  • Protection of creditors' rights in the debtor's bankruptcy procedure
  • Development of several options for the most effective strategies to protect the interests of creditors in bankruptcy procedures
  • Appeal of the commencement of the debtor's bankruptcy case
  • Rebuttal of property actions and agreements of the debtor
  • Removal of the debtor's management
  • Appeal of actions/inaction of the property manager, liquidator, special administrator
  • Seizure and other encumbrances on the debtor's assets
  • Ensuring the return of assets in bankruptcy procedures
  • Appeals of court decisions declaring the debtor bankrupt
  • Ensuring the sale of the debtor's assets at prices agreed with the creditor
  • Appeal of results of auctions for the sale of the debtor's property
  • Protection of the creditor's rights in the debtor's financial rehabilitation procedure
  • Legal examination of the debtor's financial rehabilitation plan
  • Protecting the interests of a participant in a bankruptcy case in related criminal cases