Banking disputes

Given our considerable experience in protecting interests in court, in resolving banking disputes, as well as out-of-court settlement of relations between borrowers, creditors, regulators and other parties to the proceedings, we guarantee full protection of the interests of both creditor banks and big business.

All Syntem attorneys, in the past, are leading banking lawyers with extensive experience in supporting and resolving bad debts of the SE and Corp. We have developed a scope of expertise that allows us to confidently undertake projects of any complexity in all sectors of the economy.

Key services

  • Extrajudicial recovery against debtors' assets
  • Disputes over the recovery of bad debts and compensation of losses
  • Foreclosure by judicial means
  • Debt collection from financial and property guarantors
  • Recovery of credit debts from state-owned enterprises
  • Recognition or termination of the right of pledge/mortgage
  • Ensuring the seizure and other encumbrances on the assets of debtors
  • Disputes about the validity of sureties, mortgages, collateral, loan agreements
  • Support of execution of court decisions in the bodies of the state executive service of Ukraine or with the involvement of private executors
  • Implementation of procedures for removing management and establishing the procedure for asset management
  • Disputes over appealing questionable debtor agreements