Bank debt management

The Syntem team has one of the best expertise in the field of bank debt management. This allows us to create new opportunities for our clients and offer them truly innovative solutions.

Our clients include Ukrainian banks and financial institutions, which highly value us for our professionalism, innovation, system and deep understanding of all aspects related to the debt management process.

We speak in plain language for both financial institutions and businesses and provide the optimal solution with maximum benefit for our client and all parties to the settlement process.



Yevhen Ishchenko

Managing partner-lawyer


Yuriy Vasyliev

Partner-lawyer, Head of the Western Ukrainian Syntem office in Lviv


Mykola Golovin

Partner-lawyer, Head of the Southern Ukrainian Syntem office in Odessa


Tamara Gladkikh

Partner-lawyer, Head of the Eastern Ukrainian Syntem office in Dnipro